When it’s Time to Outsource Sales

Many companies come to us unsure of when to outsource their sales function. While we at Acquirent believe that almost any company can benefit from outsourcing all or part of the sales function – we have a few indicators that it might be time for you:

  1. You cannot afford the cost of a full-time sales team. Sales teams cost money. Not only is the recruitment of sales people difficult, time consuming and expensive – but the infrastructure, the phones, the computers, the desks…etc often send costs soaring. By channel sales outsourcing you can often budget better than if you didn’t. Out sales outsourcing business is billed monthly. We work out a monthly cost per sales person, and that is what you pay us. We take on all the risk – you get the reward.
  2. You find the recruitment of sales personnel expensive, time consuming and ineffective. This is the number one reason that clients eventually find their way into our offices. Recruiting, in general, is not easy. Recruiting sales people is much harder. Recruiting great sales people is harder still. We have been recruiting great sales people since our inception. We adhere to a fool proof process that produces results. This is the advantage of being sales outsourcing experts – we have, in turn, become experts at hiring sales representatives. We have all the tools, the contacts, the experience to recruit the best sales people for you – in a timely and efficient manner. Did we mention we don’t charge you for this service? It’s included in the contract.
  3. You do not know how to bring your product to market. We have experienced this time and time again: companies who have wonderful products and services, but no idea how to actually sell them. This is where outsourced sales companies shine. We are experts at bringing products to market – it is what we do. We will do market research, lead generation, develop sales cycles and scripts and we will hit the ground running. All one needs to do is take a look at our esteemed client list to see the variety of companies with which we work. You be the experts on your product, and we’ll get them to the right people. It’s the singular most important function of sales outsourcing.
  4. You do not know what you do not know about sales. Face it, if you are considering outsourcing your sales function – you don’t know all there is to know about sales. We have had potential clients come into our offices and give us full-blown presentations about how to sell their products. While we value their information and ideas, we are the sales experts. If we weren’t – they wouldn’t be in our offices. If you are looking at your current sales force and wondering where you are going wrong and have no idea where to begin, it might be time to call on an outsourced sales company.

There’s a plethora of reasons why seeking the guidance of an outsourced sales company might be right for you. The four above are just a start. Give us a call today and see if our outsourcing sales business is right for you!

Happy selling!