Frequently Asked Questions

Acquirent sales executives are considered a shared resource and generally manage multiple client campaigns.

Acquirent has successfully represented over 600 clients since 2004. has been our system of record for the majority of those accounts. As you can probably image, the system is highly configured to fit both us and our clients’ needs.

In addition, we hold all our clients’ data in a highly secure fashion and do not offer clients access to our instance of Salesforce. That said, we will provide a robust set of reports via email that will give you and your organization great visibility into the success of the campaign.

In order to ensure every client campaign is a success, we strongly recommend operating out of our instance of Salesforce. We’ve spent nearly two decades refining our approach when it comes to data, sales enablement tools, reports, dashboards, etc.

We know our set up and can spin up your campaign very quickly using our own tools. Unfortunately, when we have tried working out of our clients CRM’s there have been significant learning curves when it came to set up and optimization of our campaigns. Our clients expect us to hit the ground running and that is why we strongly recommend working out of our CRM.

We understand the urgency to call on the most relevant prospects as quickly as possible. All Acquirent client lists are loaded in the order in which they are received and clients can expect them to be available for calling/emailing within 3 to 4 business day.

In our standard client engagements, we do not integrate to our clients CRM and/or marketing automation system (i.e. Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, etc.). Integrations are potentially available but would require additional scoping/incurring additional costs.

Acquirent leverages a sales acceleration technology called FrontSpin for email and call cadences. FrontSpin will connect with each of our clients’ email accounts to send automated emails on behalf of the sales executive. In most times, the connection is seamless (especially in when clients use Gmail and Office 365). If clients use another email client or have unique security protocols, it may require a technical resource on the client’s side to assist with the connection.

Additionally, for clients that are new to market email campaigns will be adjusted to prevent potential SPAM flags. FrontSpin/Acquirent ensures compliance with all SPAM laws and regulations.

Acquirent partners with Zoom Information and LinkedIn Navigator to build data based on each client’s individual ideal client profile (ICP). This relationship allows us to have a fast track to decision makers by providing direct-dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and department level organizational charts.

Acquirent is a reseller with Zoom Information. If you opt into our one-time $750 Data Fee, Acquirent can build you a lead list based around your ICP. Our standard practice is to provide our clients with data that has been curated and resulted in qualified meetings.

Acquirent is an authorized reseller of Zoom Information. We are happy to discuss selling this data directly to our clients, per our agreement with Zoom Information.

As part of our onboarding process, you are assigned an Acquirent Sales Manager who will schedule and host a weekly call with the main points of contact for our relationship. During this weekly call, the following topics are typically covered:

  1. Dashboard and reports metrics
  2. Feedback from the week’s (or week prior’s) activities & objection responses
  3. Company or product/service specific updates
  4. Prior held appointment feedback
  5. Objection handling

Throughout your relationship with Acquirent, you will hear the term “Definition of Success”. What we mean by this phrase is how your company determines if our campaign is successful. Our leads and appointments must turn into revenue and produce an ROI.

In an appointment setting role, Acquirent can only control putting a certain number of qualified appointments on your sales team’s calendars and opportunities in the top of your sales funnel. What are the expectations of qualified appointments per month?

A DNC list is an acronym for a Do Not Call List. This is typically a list of either companies and/or contacts that you do not want Acquirent to contact. This list could and should include current clients, companies with open opportunities or organizations/contacts that your sales team does not want us to contact.

In some cases, DNC lists can change due to the addition of new clients or new opportunities created. In this case, we ask that our clients maintain a master copy of the DNC list and send it to us as-needed.

There are several reasons we require appointment feedback. The most important is to ensure the appointments that Acquirent sets on your behalf are of high quality and eventually turn into revenue. In addition, we are constantly looking to improve our efforts and the feedback we receive greatly assist in this process.

In some cases, held appointments make up part of our financial agreement. Because what constitutes a qualified meeting differs from client to client we simply ask if the meeting is someone that the sales is going to pursue or not.

We work hard to hit the ground running with each of our new client launches. By leveraging our instance of Salesforce, sales acceleration tools, Zoom Information’s data and tool set, etc. we move quickly.

That said, every new client campaign can take a month+ to work out all the kinks, but most clients can expect appointments in the first month (sometimes first days) of that campaign.

Acquirent strives to be an extension of our clients’ sales teams and our intention is to be a meaningful longtime partner. That said, if we do not hit expectations, we do not expect to be employed for long. Our agreements are created to allow our clients the ability to terminate the agreement by providing a 30-day written notice.

If our relationship is terminated, Acquirent will bill for scheduled appointments that are set to hold the month after our termination month. For all appointments set after the first month post termination, those appointments will remain on your sales teams’ schedules but will not be billable.

A touch cadence is a series of communication “touches” (i.e. phone calls, emails, voicemails, social touches) that follow a predefined path and timeline. They are key to the success of our campaigns as they eliminate and automate many of the administrative steps from an SDR’s day. We rely heavily on technology to follow the cadences and create our playbooks.

Part of our standard client onboarding includes working through a messaging call. The purpose of this messaging call is to build messaging that will bring your prospective prospects from “unaware” to “interested”.

The result is that Acquirent will produce a “playbook” that includes call scripts, email templates and objection rebuttals.

This process is collaborative between the Acquirent and client teams and typically requires a couple of revisions to ensure we have the best messaging to hit the ground running.

Acquirent prides itself on being a tremendously flexible solution for our clients when it comes to campaign lengths. We allow organizations to grow or shrink/pause our relationship based on their company’s needs. In order to offer that level of flexibility, Acquirent’s payment system must be clean and concise. Therefore, we recommend payment via credit card and ACH payments.

The receipt of timely payments ensures no gaps from a support standpoint on Acquirent’s side. A Credit Card Authorization Form is included in our Contracts for our clients to complete. Client credit cards will be charged on the 1st of the month.