Our Outsourced Sales Approach

Acquirent’s approach to outsourced inside sales centers around three things: deals, deals, and deals.

There are countless reasons for a company to outsource their sales process. Many of our accounts fall into two categories: those that are looking to expand their scale or alter their strategy – and these are the two fields that we excel at fixing.

We aim to work where we can be most effective, and view our services as putting gasoline on the fire of your sales process: by consulting with us, we will find where your sales process is currently the weakest, and provide the necessary support to maximize profits for your group.

We are an outsourced sales and marketing company that genuinely fosters a positive work environment, and our team is gritty enough to handle the ins and outs of sales while also enjoying and loving the work that we do. We are ready to sell your products and services!

Collaborative Environment

Our companies have an open floor plan and infrastructure.

Continual Learning

Learning and growth are two of our fundamental competencies.

Sharing + Celebrating

We share and celebrate that growth with the clients that work with our company.

What are the 5 Pillars of Sales Success at Acquirent?

At Acquirent we believe there are five pillars that embody the characteristics which separate good sales people from great sales people. Each day, we work with our team members to provide the environment, the tools, the training and the reinforcement that sustain these five integral characteristics:


Passion and drive with a smile that can be heard through the phone.


Garner information that centers on the prospect.


Listen for the needs of your prospects to close the deal.


Study your industry and the products you sell.


Don’t give up easily. Consistently push for the close with perserverance.


The Five Pillars of Sales Success

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