What you don’t know about Outsourced Sales

Sales outsourcing can be a lot of different things depending on the outsource sales company. We at Acquirent pride ourselves in going above and beyond when it comes to channel sales outsourcing. Most people look at sales outsourcing and assume that it is the same as lead generation outsourcing. While a significant portion of our business relies on a successful lead generation campaign – that is not where our expertise ends.

The first distinction to make about our outsourced sales business is that we hire professional sales people. Our representatives are educated, articulate, sales professionals who excel at bringing products to market both over the phone and face to face. Not only do we adhere to a very stringent and successful recruiting process that specializes in the recruitment of sales personnel, we have a very thorough and intensive sales training program that all of our sales people – be they entry level or executive – go through.

Another distinction we are proud to point out is the fact that our sales people work for one client and one client only. We have found that this is the only way for our salespeople to become experts on our clients’ goods or services. When channel sales outsourcing – we have learned that it is imperative for our outsourced sales representatives to be singularly focused. If our sales representatives are expected to take a sale from cold call to close – they must know their client inside and out.

While in many instances outsourced sales is used synonymously with lead generation outsourcing – in our business, it is only a small piece of the puzzle. Our outsourced sales business is more about creating a partnership with our clients and forming long-lasting relationships that transcend the sales cycle. Outsourcing sales companies do not always perform the same functions at the same level of professionalism. Here at Acquirent we will not only hire the best people for the job, we will help you to formulate a plan for brining your product to market, expand your presence in other markets, and develop a growth plan – all while increasing sales.

We would be underutilized if we were only hired for outsourcing lead generation – for that is where our business just begins…

Happy Selling!