What Outsourcing Sales Will NOT Do For You

There are a lot of articles out there that tell you what sales outsourcing will do for your business, but not many that articulate what it will not do. While outsourcing your sales force can be a way to maximize results and kick-start a new sales campaign – turning to a sales outsourcing company is not, by any means, a magic solution that will fix inherent problems with your business. Here are a few things that sales outsourcing experts will not do…

Outsourcing your sales force is not going to make your product work. When we first began in this business – we did not have the luxury of being choosy. We we charting new territory and sales force outsourcing was a new field and we were the new kids on the block. We had to take what we could get in terms of clientele. Some of our clients, we learned, had products that were not ready to come to market. We would begin a sales campaign and hit the phones only to learn a product was not ready to be sold. Bottom line – if you’re product isn’t ready or doesn’t work – we cannot sell it for you.

Sales force outsourcing will not solve inner-company issues and disputes. In working with a vast array of clients – from large to small, from old to new – we have found that if there is a disconnect among the leaders of the company internally, we suffer. Some clients would turn to sales force outsourcing to try to solve an inner-company problem – thinking an increase in sales will make everything better. Unfortunately, more often than not these problems would negatively effect our outsourced sales representatives and the outsourced sales campaign. What is even worse is when there is a discrepancy at the top in regards to whether to outsource sales or not. When everyone is not on the same page – our work is hindered. Sales outsourcing can be a lot of things – but we are rarely the answer to inter-office politics.

Outsourcing your sales force will not, necessarily, lower your costs. While sales force outsourcing and lead generation are often viewed as a cost-cutting measure – we do not like to view ourselves as merely a budgetary move. We have learned, when it comes to outsourced sales and sales force outsourcing – that you get what you pay for. We are professionals and believe we are worth every penny we charge our clients. While we can offer a budgetary break due to the fact that we charge a flat, monthly rate – our services do not come cheap. In some scenarios – we are the cheaper option. In others – we are not. The focus should not be on saving a penny – the focus should be on growing your business and new client acquisition. And that is what we do.

If you are interested in learning more about outsourced sales – give us a call! While we cannot do everything – as illustrated above – we can do a LOT. Our number one goal and our single focus is to bring you more business as best we know how. Give us a call today and see what we, as the outsourced sales force experts, can do for your business!

Happy selling!