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Top Misconceptions About Outsourced Sales and Marketing

There is no doubt that deciding to outsource, for most, is not an easy decision. There are so many things to consider (do I need an inside or outside representative?), so many worries (will I lose control?), and so many avenues one can take (do I go with the large nationwide firm or the boutique firm?). In order to quell your worries and clear up some common confusion about outsourced sales and marketing, here are the top five misconceptions when it comes to the world of outsourced sales.

I don’t want to build the brand of the outsourcer, I want to build my brand.

A reputable outsourced sales and marketing company WILL build your brand. Acquirent, for example, acts as a totally transparent entity. Our inside sales reps will call from your company (from our offices, of course). They will carry your business cards, they will send out your marketing materials. There will be no mention of Acquirent whatsoever. Our job is to build YOUR brand and increase YOUR sales, not our own.

I don’t want to lose control over the sales function of my business.

While, upfront, it might seem that outsourcing is inherent with giving up some control, that is not always the case. The best outsourced sales and marketing partnerships occur when communication is open. We work with our clients every single step of the way and the ONLY way we succeed is with their input and involvement. After all, you are the experts at your product. Our expertise is sales – working together is the only way to ensure a successful outsourced sales campaign. We do not make any decisions without your approval. You’re the driver – we just help to navigate.

I don’t need a full time sales representative.

So many clients come to us saying they only want a part-time inside sales representative or telesales appointment setter. While there have been occasions where this has worked – it has almost ALWAYS led to the creation of a full-time position. One of the advantages of outsourced sales and marketing is the flexibility. We can definitely begin with a part-time solution, but be ready to need a full time solution shortly after!

We want to recruit our own in-house sales team.

Poor recruiting efforts are what lead 90% of our clients to us. So many people have no idea how difficult it is to recruit sales talent until it’s too late and they’ve spent thousands of dollars on efforts that have produced nothing. Unless you have experience recruiting (successful) sales people – beware of this route! It is a LOT more costly and time consuming than you think. By utilizing a successful outsourced sales and marketing company you will not only be gaining their sales expertise, but their recruiting prowess as well.

I don’t need to outsource because I already have a sales team.

It might come as a surprise to know that most of our clients also have existing inside or outside sales teams. Just because you already employ sales personnel does not mean you shouldn’t consider outsourced sales and marketing. We are often employed as a supplement. Sometimes we provide inside telesales appointment setting representatives who’s sole purpose is to set more appointments for your reps. Sometimes we work alongside an existing sales team or only work with a specific product or within a certain geographic region. Just because you have a sales team does not mean you won’t benefit from an outsourced sales and marketing partnership. You can find more information on Acquirent’s outsourced sales and marketing services pages on our website.



Happy selling!