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Top Five Things to Look for When Outsourcing Sales and Marketing

Important Aspects Of Sales Outsourcing

While the industry is still technically in it’s infancy – the popularity of marketing and sales outsourcing for either the entire sales process or simple sales appointment setting (and everything in between) had gained a LOT of popularity over the past few years. Ease of use, speed to market, and industry expertise are just a few reasons why people are starting to lean this way. But how do you know what company is right for you? Here are the top 5 things to look for in an outsourced sales and marketing company.

Area of Expertise.

No two outsourced sales and marketing companies are the same. Some specialize in sales appointment setting, some specialize in a geographic area, some specialize in a specific industry. Other companies specialize in “feet on the street” and some specialize in telesales outsourcing. Some companies combine a few of the above. Make sure the company you are considering has a track record with the type of outsourcing you are looking for.


Not all outsourced sales and marketing companies offer training to their sales representatives. Whether the reps will be doing telesales appointment setting or be in charge of the entire sales process they need to be trained. Make sure the company you are considering has a sales training course.


How does the outsourced sales firm get it’s recruits? If it’s by a third party recruiter, beware. Recruitment fees are not cheap and most likely those fees will be built in to your cost. Try to find an outsourced sales company with an in-house recruiter. Not only will you be gaining the benefit of being a part of the recruiting process, but your final bill will reflect it.


Asking about notable achievements is probably the quickest and most surefire way to gauge the success of an outsourced sales and marketing company. Have clients grown with them? Have inside sales teams gone from one rep to ten reps? These are the types of achievements to look for. If they can’t give you any – MOVE ON!

Client Referrals.

How many clients does your prospective sales and marketing partner have? Do they have referrals? Success stories? Will they let you talk to them? Make sure you cover your bases – word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising so make sure you get it. If not, you should be wary of the integrity of the company.


While there are more things to consider when looking to outsource your sales campaign, these five elements should at the very least make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. From there, it’s up to you!

Happy selling!