Top 10 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Sales to Acquirent

Taking the ‘leap of faith’ to outsource your sales and marketing force can be a difficult task. There is so much information out there, so many different outsourced sales companies nowadays, and so many routes to consider. To make life a little easier, we have come up with the TOP TEN reasons why you should consider Acquirent to help give your sales efforts the leg up it needs.

  1. Smooth transition. Our management team are all former sales professionals who have moved up the ranks from sales appointment setting to managing entire sales divisions. We understand what it takes to get an outsourced sales and marketing force up and running. We have built hundreds of sales processes and have working in a myriad of industries. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure we have all the necessary information to get an outsourced sales campaign off to a running start.
  2. Top notch recruiting. This is one of the lynchpins that set us apart. Not only are we experts at developing sales processes, we are experts and finding the talent to execute these processes. We have an in-house recruitment team that specializes in finding sales talent. Over the course of a few meetings, we will hone in on the type of person that would be perfect for your sales appointment setting or outsourced sales team and recruit them…for you.
  3. Speed to market. Most people have no idea how difficult it is to get a sales team up and running. By utilizing an outsourced sales and marketing company you are getting sales experts. We have brought countless products to market and we already have the management, the SOP’s, and the infrastructure in place to ensure your outsourced sales campaign gets off to a running start.
  4. Thorough sales training. We are one of the few outsourced sales companies that put all of our sales reps through a vigorous sales training course. Whether you are starting out at telesales outsourcing or a sales veteran, you will pass through Acquirent sales training. We cover everything from getting past the gatekeeper, to objection handling to closing the deal.
  5. Excellent sales management. A team is only as good as the leadership that guides it and we have some of the best sales managers in the biz. As mentioned earlier – our sales managers are all former sales representatives and not only understand the intricacies of the sales process, but how to motivate and inspire sales representatives. Outsourced sales and marketing isn’t easy, but our sales managers are top of the line and incredibly passionate about what they do!
  6. 100% Adaptable and tailorable. On of the main reasons so many companies choose us over our competitors is that we offer a completely individualized outsourced sales experience. No two clients are the same – so why should their outsourced sales campaigns be? We can start small with one or two reps and grow to a larger sales team, we can begin with doing simple telesales appointment setting and grow to full-blown outsourced sales…we will tailor your outsourced sales and marketing campaign to your needs and your company. No two are the same. Whether you want “feet on the street” or and inside telesales appointment setting campaign, we can do it all!
  7. Fully transparent and accountable. One of the biggest complaints companies have with other outsourced sales and marketing companies is the lack of transparency. We are proud to say that we operate a fully transparent business. Call recordings, daily call sheets, and (thanks to our sophisticated CRM software) weekly reporting are all available to you to make sure you know exactly what we are doing for you, and how well we are doing it.
  8. Excellent customer service. Our most successful outsourced sales campaigns are those where we have an open line of communication with our clients. In every team you will have a team lead that will be available to you during all business hours. We will always be in communication with you so you never feel left in the dark.
  9. One flat fee. What many of our clients like about our business is that we charge a flat monthly fee per sales person (plus commission). This means budgeting is much easier. The price is dependent on the sophistication of your campaign and experience of your sales representative(s). Want a simple telesales appointment setting campaign? That would probably employ an entry level college grad and cost less than a full blown “cold call to close” sales person with 4-5 years of inside sales experience. The nice thing is – you pay the same monthly fee so your accounting department will be happy!
  10. The proof is in the pudding! Going from 24 employees to over 45 in six months says a lot. Our esteemed client list speaks for itself! Many of our clients are referrals from other clients! Give us a call today and let us tell you first hand how well our outsourced sales and marketing campaigns have worked for them!

As you can see – there are many reasons why you should choose Acquirent for your outsourced sales and marketing needs!! Give us a call today and find out what we can do for YOU!.

Happy selling!