Telesales Outsourcing

The changing landscape of sales and the technology that supports the modern salesperson has allowed for the growth of telesales services. Selling via the phone and the use of web based demonstrations allows today’s salesperson to generate leads, garner interest, qualify prospect, build rapport and close many sales without leaving their office. The greater efficiency of selling a national territory without traveling to see a client has also allowed for the growth of telesales outsourcing.

Outsourced inside sales was traditionally thought of as lead generation function or sales support role. Today, telesales outsourcing refers to a larger segment of the market where a company can outsource all or part of their sales staff and leverage a professional inside sales team to represent their brand. Part of making this transition, often involves some sales consulting that can help change the sales process or stages for a particular product or service and leverage modern technology. The use of electronic signatures, flash video, email marketing and other online tools can speed up a sales cycle and allow one person to cover a larger territory.

This type of outsourced inside sales team can also sell consultative or enterprise level solutions using the right approach. Telesales outsourcing is more than just a telemarketing lead generation house. It is a total solution for cold call to close sales. Sales force outsourcing is not a good fit for all businesses or products, but can be an effective way for a company to leverage the professional sales skills of a telesales outsourcing company while focusing on their own core business.