Taking the “Middle Man” out of Sales Force Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing companies often get a bad rap for being the “middle man” in sales operations. Here at Acquirent, this could not be further than the truth. We are not a middle man, rather – we are a strategic partner whose sole purpose is to enhance your company’s sales efforts and add to the bottom line. Often times sales force outsourcing takes the form of telemarketing or appointment setting. While these methods work for some companies, they do not work for all. At Acquirent, we act as sales consultants, learning as much as possible about your business and target markets to come up with a specified and strategic outsourced sales plan for you. Some times, this means an entry level sales person who is cold calling to set appointments for a senior sales representative at your company – other times, this means a very tailored and specific “cold call to close” model that requires a more senior and polished sales person with specific industry experience. Our sales representative, while on our payroll and managed by our expert sales management staff, will adopt your company’s persona and carry business cards and email all with your company identity.

While most of our clients choose us as their outsourced inside sales provider, we have also hired representatives that will travel and meet with clients face to face and employ an outside sales model as well. Like I mentioned earlier, what is best for one client may not be for another and you can rest assured that your outsourced sales model will be specific to your business and your business needs. While telesales outsourcing – a strictly inside sales model – works for many of our clients, a more consultative and strategic sales approach might be best for you. As a tactical partner in growing your business we will work closely with you to come up with the most effective sales force outsourcing strategy for you. Whether it is a simple appointment setting approach or grooming your future “director of sales” we can handle it and take care of all of your sales needs. Can a middle man do that? Not at Acquirent!

Happy Selling!