September Blog Roundup: Technology in Sales

There is quite a lot happening out there in terms of technology that benefits the sales rep. This month we’ve collected a couple of blog articles that highlight the direction of applications available to a sales team for better productivity!

CRM Buyer “Mobile CRM Gets Gamified”

Keeping the sales staff consistently motivated to keep on task can be difficult. This can be particularly true for By gamifying the assignments, teams are discovering that organizing and incentivizing is fun! For example:

eMee‘s gamification mechanics and leaderboards motivate sales representatives by rewarding points and badges for closing deals, and also rewards them for updating information in the CRM database — an activity that is normally associated with drudgery and frequently ignored or procrastinated.”

Venture Beat (@venturebeat) “Your way, right away: The future of business apps”

Every company, every team, and each member has different needs when looking for a business app. There is need for more malleable programs to fill the demands of the sales rep. This article describes the rebuilding of a communications system for the specifications of a team.

“To deliver that satisfaction, Anthony Rodio decided to build a best-of-breed customer relationship management solution with built-in communications capabilities and add it to RedBeacon’s app. …Rodio said. ‘If I talk to a customer, I want that to be part of my application. I want all the interactions, from the website to a phone call to be one record, so that I can look at how you enjoyed your experience with us. I can see what job request you put in, how many times you spoke with us and how long it took to get what you needed or to resolve a problem.”

“So the web development team at RedBeacon started building the right customer service experience that spanned their CRM, their public web application, and even the in-store presence. ‘I was able to realize my vision of the way the contact center operations should work,’ Rodio said.”

—- [@EntMagazine] 6 Tech Solutions for Managing Sales Leads

Here, writer Jonathan Blom, lists ways increase efficiency of systems, organize data and ideas, and build better relationships with clients. The various apps he’s collected are arranged according to these six ideas.

– Equip your inbox for sales duty.
– Look for hidden sales functions.
– Capture and track leads and ideas.
– Make your smartphone a sales tool.
– Get a better CRM system.
– Integrate social media.

Is there an app that you think is essential? Do you have any other apps to add to the list? Just let us know!