Sales & Technology: How the Industry Will Change for the Better

From improving efficiency to forecasting success, technology has changed the landscape of sales for the better.

Sales and technology have long had a beneficial relationship. Not long ago the Jetsons creator thought up the crazy idea of talking through video. Now video conferencing is a staple in every sales organization. Just a few years ago, sales reps would bring sleeves of quarters with them and pull off the road to use a at pay phone between appointments. Today the Internet has revolutionized how we do business.

Technology will continue to shape the business of sales. Just as early technologies provided better reporting and analytics for management, in the not too distant future technologies will help close more sales at a quicker pace.


In the article from the Software Advice blog B2B Marketing Mentor’s How Will the Sales Force of 2020 Engage Buyers?, thought leaders AJ Gandhi, vice president of customer solutions at Lattice Engines; Ken Krogue, president of; and Anneke Seley, founder of Reality Works Group give their predictions. What can we as sales professionals look forward to?

  • Predictive analytics will improve buyer engagement.
  • Voice technologies will map a buyer’s personality type.
  • Big data will augment cross-selling and upselling.

Give the article a read and then share your predictions for how technology will shape the landscape of sales?

Happy selling!