Sales Outsourcing: Not All Created Equal

While outsourcing sales has the potential to save businesses money and grow their top lines significantly, it takes real sales expertise to get the full benefit of outsourced sales. Many sales outsourcing companies simply offer ‘hired gun’ salespeople that will hit the phones and the pavement in order to augment existing sales efforts; Acquirent is special in offering help with every aspect of sales: hiring, training, administration, appointment setting, and more.

Hiring services are employed by companies that want to reduce the overhead associated with recruiting and vetting a sales staff. For smaller and medium-sized firms, the expense of a dedicated sales recruiter and manager can’t be justified by economies of scale. Because an outsourced sales staffing company has many clients, it can offer recruitment for less than it would cost in-house, and because companies like ours have been doing it for years, we have access to a better and more diverse pool of talent, scouted and grown over the course of combined decades of experience.

Most sales outsourcing companies won’t offer training services, either. Companies dedicated to selling and growing their clients’ businesses have the wisdom and experience that comes from selling the products and services of dozens of firms over the years. That expertise can be leveraged for improving in-house sales programs, in addition to its usability for outsourced sales.

Because many outsourced sales companies all take an all or none approach to clients – either clients surrender most of their sales activities or none – they don’t offer the administrative support for selling that is so useful in improving efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force. Administrative support can also be too expensive for smaller businesses who would have to employ a dedicated individual to compile reports and analysis that organize and track sales data, so this unique capability of better outsourcing companies can be instrumental in small and mid-sized businesses’ success.

Finally, many companies that offer services to the sales industry are little more than cold calling firms. Does the company your business is considering have veteran salespeople, and decades-long relationships within all industries across the economy? Relationships can open doors (and set appointments!), so it should be obvious that there is something special about a company that can take advantage of opportunities to translate trusting relationships into sales and business growth in both new and existing markets.

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