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Sales Outsourcing – More than Just a Sales Person

The Evolving World Of Outsourcing

The world of sales outsourcing is vast and has grown and changed considerably over the past 10 years. “Outsourced sales” is often confused with “outsourcing” and the two terms can be very, very different. While the later is synonymous with “offshore”, outsourced sales and marketing firms are no longer solely based in developing countries and the clients who seek sales outsourcing companies are no longer looking to simply save a buck. Sales outsourcing has gone through a paradigm shift. Now, sales outsourcing specialists aren’t just offering a sales person, but sales outsourcing solutions. This is complete with hiring, training, management, infrastructure and continuity.

Consulting To Outsourcing

When a business wonders how to increase sales in the past – they would usually consider a consulting firm or perhaps a new sales management team. Nowadays, it is rare if in this situation an outsourced sales solution is not considered. The reasons are compelling and straightforward, an outsourced sales and marketing firm will help your company increase sales, without you having to hire, train, manage and/or implement new sales tactics. We will take on all the sales force risk, while you benefit from the reward. Outsourcing telesales to a professional outsourced sales team allows you to focus on and perfect your core business.

Outsourced Sales Services

With each company, there is a unique message we must convey and we understand the importance of that. We have worked in a number of industries and understand that every market and product has nuances that an outsourced sales firm must understand and utilize. Acquirent will structure our outsourced sales solutions around these messages and convey them to prospects when generating sales appointments. Our inside sales team will have a full understanding of all important aspects of your products and services thanks to our competency-call and pre-launch program which is designed to gather all pertinent information for market research and sales appointments setting. We will pull together a list of qualified prospects which will keep your sales team busy and include a specified and tailored call plan targeted to the companies that will benefit from your products and/or services the most.

Hiring A Sales Process

The days of offshore outsourcing are not gone – but sales force outsourcing closer to home is on the upswing. If you are considering sales outsourcing, make sure you turn to sales outsourcing specialists like Acquirent – and make sure you aren’t just getting a sales person, but a sales process – one that is targeting to your company and your market – and one that will go above and beyond for you to achieve the best results. You can find more information on Acquirent’s outsourced sales services here.

Happy selling!