Sales Force Outsourcing Do’s and Don’ts

If your sales efforts aren’t producing the results you anticipated, it might be time to consider outsourcing your sales efforts to a professional outsourced sales team. While this burgeoning industry is growing exponentially, there are still people who do not understand what outsourced sales is and what it means. First of all, by hiring an outsource sales team – many people believe they are giving up control of their sales force. This is not the case. Often times, we act as an arm of an existing sales force to supplement efforts and provide sales solutions where before there were none. We will tailor-make a sales solution for your business and we welcome our clients’ expertise and presence in the process. We will work with you to develop the best b2b sales process for your company. You will be with us every step of the way and will have final say in what we do and do not do. Do not assume that by outsourcing sales you are giving up control, because nothing could be further from the truth.

When looking for an outsourced sales force, make sure you research the company and learn about the sales success and sales failure they have been through. Not every outsourced sales force will be a fit for your company so make sure they understand your industry, your market and what you are trying to accomplish. At Acquirent, we specialize in b2b sales outsourcing – meaning we will take the sales process all the way from the initial cold call to the final sale. We have clients whose sales cycles are 24 hours and some that are 18 months. We have experience in a great variety of industries and a great many different types of sales cycles therefore our “ramp up” time is often less than our competitors. Do make sure that your outsource sales team has a variety of sales experience and will work with you to develop sales methods that will boost your sales ROI.

One of the biggest myths about sales outsourcing is that to outsource, you must be a fortune 500 company. This is absolutely not the case. Many of our clients are small to mid size businesses who are looking to break into a new market or launch a new product. With an outsourced sales team you are getting not only a tailor-made sales process – but all the infrastructure, technology and sales training that goes into a developing a sales force. Because we at Acquirent already have all the sales systems, sales methods and sales infrastructure in place – we can leverage them for a small business at a fraction of the price you would pay to do this on your own. Do not assume that to outsource you have to be a big dog.

Finally, people assume when they hear the word “outsourcing” that they get a room full of telemarketers. At Acquirent, we hire sales people – not customer service representatives. We are experts at recruiting sales professionals and developing them further. Outsourcing does not mean telemarketing. We pride ourselves in our professional approach to outsourcing sales and building and outsourced sales force. Our expert recruiting team has been trained to find sales professionals who have full-cycle sales expertise and experience. We know how to find the sales “DNA” and the types of people who can fast track sales. Do stop by your potential outsourced sales firm to see the sort of people they hire, because chances are – you will get something similar!

If you are having sales problems, it might be time to consider new sales methods, and sales force outsourcing might just be the answer!

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