Recessionary Sales Force Productivity: 2 Ways to Increase Sales

If your sales forces’ productivity is lagging, the following are two ways to help them increase sales – even in a recession.

Qualified Prospect Profiles: Is your sales force working with qualified prospect profiles? If not, not only can they not increase sales, they can’t even bring in initial sales. Salespeople spend the bulk of their time prospecting. If they’re working with undocumented and/or useless prospect profiles, this lengthens the sales cycle.

How to Get Your Sales Force Qualified Profiles

One of the best ways to get your sales force qualified profiles so they can start increasing sales is to hire an outsource sales and marketing firm to handle your cold calling, lead generation and prospecting for you. That way, they can spend their time following up with qualified, warm leads, rather than time-wasting cold ones.

Basic Info a Qualified B2B Profile Should Contain

To even begin to increase sales, there’s some basic info each profile in your company’s database should contain. Following are some of the basics, eg, industry specialty, number of employees, annual revenue, location, headquarter contact info, etc.

Focus on Customer Retention

Most successful salesmen know that 80% of their business is going to come from 20% of the customers in their database. So to increase sales, all they have to do is massage their existing customers, right? However, they have sales numbers to meet; so many salespeople spend the bulk of their time prospecting for new leads.
If you hire an outsource sales and marketing firm to take over this process, you free your salespeople to focus on getting more from existing customers.

When you remove a major duty like “making a certain number of cold calls per day”, you illustrate to your sales force that you’re vested in their success; not in just how to increase sales.

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