Outsourced Sales Solutions – The Many Flavors of Sales Outsourcing

As companies look to Outsourced Sales Solutions as a way to increase their sales, they quickly realize that these solutions can come in many different flavors. The following are just a sampling of the different types of solutions out there:

Lead Generation/Appointment Setting:

For those organizations that have an existing outside sales force but need more consistency when it comes to “qualified” opportunities, outsourced lead generation/appointment setting is a great option. Once the lead/opportunity is created, it is the company’s outside sales force responsibility to qualify, pitch and take them to a close.

Face-to-Face Sales Outsourcing:

This solution is great for companies that don’t have sales infrastructure in specific markets and that need face to face sales presence. Typically this type of outsourced sales solution is perfect for companies that sell different commodities (office supplies, VOIP phone and internet solutions, coffee and water services, etc.) and target the SMB market place.

Full Cycle Sales Outsourcing:

Full Cycle Sales Outsourcing (aka. “cold call to close”) services are ideal for companies that are looking to launch new products, that don’t have proper sales infrastructure (recruiting, sales management, lead services, CRM, marketing support) or to even just complement their internal sales efforts. With this type of sales outsourcing solution company’s basically get a “turn key” sales solution without having the capital expenditure.

Happy Selling!