Outsourced Sales Misconceptions

To many business owners, the words outsourced sales and sales outsourcing create a feeling of uneasiness and/or fear. The emotions are completely understandable as sales are the life line of any business. If your business is not selling….. It isn’t going to be in business for long.

So when business owners think of the topic, many misconceptions come to mind. Some outsourced sales misconceptions include:

  • Lose of Control
  • Hiring the “Wrong” Person or Team
  • Improper Brand Representation
  • Having a Vague and Unclear Sales Pipeline or Funnel
  • Lack of Sales Results

By properly researching and partnering with the right outsourced sales company these misconceptions should be completely erased. The right outsourced sales partner will act and feel like your own sales force (or at least an extension of your current force).

To eliminate the feeling of lose of control, the right sales partner will work with it’s client to identify your ideal client profile and will collectively build and execute on a sales game plan to effectively acquire those ideal clients.

The right outsourced sales company will hire specifically for each new client engagement, as opposed to shifting a bench of utility sales representatives from account to account. In addition, most firms will prefer that you are involved in the final candidate interviews which further reduces the chance of hiring the wrong person.

Professional outsourced sales firms will take on the persona of its client (with client specific business cards, email addresses, auto signatures, marketing material, etc.). In addition, its clients are heavily involved in the training (company, industry and product specific) for the outsourced sales partner and sales professional(s).

Lack of clarity regarding one’s own sales pipeline can often frighten a potential outsourced sales client. With the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool in place and proper utilization of the tool by the outsourced sales professionals a potential you will know exactly what stage each opportunity is in at all times. Also the use of weekly sales meetings between all parties prohibits the chance of an opportunity “falling though the cracks”.

Finally a lack of sales results may be the #1 reason for a company to second guess outsourcing their sales. This fear can occur no matter if an organization uses an outsourced sales partner or if they build their own sales team internally. The benefit of sales outsourcing is that it takes very little upfront capital and your organization has turn key access to a proven best practice sales system and processes and an experienced sales recruiting and management team, at a fraction of the cost of building your own. This winning combination greatly enhances your organizations chances and speed to seeing fantastic sales results!

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