Outsourced Sales – for Companies Large and Small

Many people believe that sales outsourcing is applicable only to very small businesses or start up companies looking to bring a new product to market. While outsourced sales and marketing certainly can help small businesses grow more quickly and more efficiently – outsourcing sales can also be very beneficial to large companies as well. Our clients range in size from tiny start ups with remote management teams to fortune 125 companies with a world wide presence. How we work with them both is completely tailored and specific to that client’s needs and desired sales outcomes.

Outsourced sales and marketing has its place in companies both large and small. The reasons to outsource for companies on either end of this spectrum, of course, are different. For a small startup looking to increase sales – we usually act as the entire sales force. We will build a complete B2B sales process; whether that is sales appointment setting or taking a sale from cold call to close. For those clients we often provide sales mentoring, where we will, in turn, teach the client how to effectively build and execute a successful inside sales team. Many small companies have no idea how to recruit stellar sales people or how to effectively execute b2b sales. We will remove the risk from these companies completely and build an outsourced sales force that will act as an extension of them – all the while being managed by our expert sales management team to increase sales.

Sales outsourcing – as I mentioned earlier – also has its place amongst the “big dogs” of business. Many large companies are not sales machines – they are experts at marketing their products and getting their brands recognized. However, some of our very large clients discover (as they research outsourced sales companies) that they really have not been effective at forging and outbound sales campaign. Some of our larger clients focus primarily on selling b2c – but are trying to break into the b2b market and simply do not know how. They need sales help. That is where we are a tremendous asset to increasing sales. We understand how to build a sales process that can break into new markets and territories. We have relationships and experience in selling into a plethora of industries and verticals. Large companies find our “market research” invaluable to getting the ball rolling for them.

Similarly – every industry has “run off”. The accounts that go dead are too small for the big sales people to focus on, or have just been forgotten about or neglected. For some of our largest companies – our outsourced sales team will sweep up what they have let fall through the grates. The increase in sales that we have provided for our clients focusing on this type of sale is significant. It is the same type of theory behind the bird that raises the water level by dropping hundreds of tiny pebbles into the jar. The pebbles themselves are not large, but all together – they have a huge impact. This is yet another way outsourcing sales can help your business.

Outsourcing sales can be applied to any business – large or small. We can build a sales team – act as an arm of an existing sales team – or focus on a particular product or geographic area. Whether you are a tiny startup or a fortune 500 company, outsourced sales might just have a place in your business.