Outsourced Sales: Best Way to Grow Your Sales Force?

If you are considering B2B telesales services, you are probably looking to increase sales in a more efficient manner. What often comes as an added benefit of working with a professional outsourced sales force is the fact that you actually grow your sales force.

Here are the ways in which b2b outsourced sales forces can actually help you grow a better, stronger sales team:

  1. Recruiting expertise: B2B outsourced sales companies often have a very efficient and very thorough recruiting process. They are experts at finding inside sales representatives (no easy feat!) and oftentimes have a pipeline full of expert candidates – leveraging this skill will definitely help start your sales team off on the right foot – and fast! Because we have been in the business of hiring successful inside sales people since our inception, you will benefit from less turnover surprises and a faster ramp-up time.
  2. Sales Management: When utilizing b2b telesales services, you are getting a turn key operation. We have expert inside sales managers on staff who know how to motivate, inspire and track an inside sales team. By having an efficient management team in place – your sales representatives will be more successful and growth will be imminent.
  3. Promoting from within: We are firm believers that promoting from within not only gives sales representatives motivation to succeed, but yields the best results from new sales representatives down the line. We have had client accounts grow from 2 to 10 people and we have found that by promoting existing inside sales representatives from representative, to senior representative, to team lead and, eventually, to sales manager – we get better staying power, less turnover, and a sales team that has worked from the bottom up and know your product and service like the back of their hand.
  4. Growth: When the time comes to grow your account, we have the know how, tools and resources to do it swiftly. Successful B2B telesales companies work like well-oiled machines and if and when your account is ready to grow, we will help you do that. Do you need more reps to set appointments for senior reps? Do you need more dials? Do you need an outside contingent? We will work with you to develop the best and most efficient way to grow and make it happen!
  5. Lifelong relationships: As a very successful outsourced sales company we have said it once and we will say it again, we are not merely a service provider – we are a partner and the representatives feel the same. Our sales representatives will identify with your brand, your culture and your company – oftentimes saying they work for you! It is not unusual for our most senior representatives to eventually move on to long, lucrative careers with our client companies. While we do charge a fair recruiting fee, you are getting a successful, professional, and – most importantly – vetted sales representative to continue your growth from within!

There are many, many ways in which an outsourced sales company can help you – be sure to make and appointment to meet with us and see our inside sales team – they could, one day, be working for you!

Happy selling!