Outsourced Recruitment Saves Money, Hassles

All businesses are fundamentally HR businesses. Companies are only as successful as their employees make them. Unfortunately, recruiting, vetting, and maintaining the best talent is a distraction from core competency areas of any businesses except for sales staffing agencies. By moving a peripheral distraction into another business’s area of core competency (ie, the agency), companies can refocus attention on growing instead of the minutia of HR.

The advantage of employing a sales staffing company can be divided into two aspects: they offer a cost advantage to many smaller- to mid-sized businesses and – by removing a non-core competency from their day-to-day concerns – allow them to refocus on business.

Significant cost savings can be achieved through the use of a staffing agency because only large businesses have the scale to support a full, dedicated HR department with the know-how to recruit the brightest and best-connected sales people for their specific industry. Because staffing companies service a number of clients, the cost of each function is divided such that clients only pay for the resources that are used for their firms. Smaller firms can’t afford full-time recruiters and administrators because their turnover isn’t large enough to justify it: sales staffers allow them access to a wide and diverse talent pool that has been screened by a company that specializes in recruiting and matching salespeople for companies.

From a strategic perspective, outsourced staffing allows companies that either do or do or don’t have the scale to support an internal staffing operation the opportunity to eliminate that burden from their day-to-day business and allow them to focus more on the drivers of their business – product development, business development, and operations management rather than spending valuable resources trying to find and attract talent from a pool that is undoubtedly smaller than a professional sales staffing firm’s (because a sales staffing firm will cast a much wider net).

Staffing solutions for sales departments make good business sense not only from the point of view of cost control, but also from bigger-picture business management. Recruitment is a distraction, and it is not the core competency of any business except for one that’s committed to. And because of its specialized nature, sales is particularly difficult for non-salespeople managers to recruit for. The case for employing a staffing firm that specializes in sales is therefore a very, very compelling one.

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