Outsource My Sales!

So you know you want to hire a professional outsourced sales team. You have weighed the options and done your own internal risk assessment and have determined, it is indeed worth it. You have found a strategic partner in a top of the line sales outsourcing company and are ready to go. So what are the steps that will be taken to get your outsourced sales campaign up and running? Without giving away too many of our industry trade secrets, here’s what we at Acquirent will do to begin your sales outsourcing campaign.

1) Assess prior problems – our highly effective outsourced sales management team will meet with your company to discuss past successes and failures (unless, of course, this is a product launch). We will begin to formulate a plan and develop a sales campaign and sales cycle.

2) Competency call – our highly skilled inside sales recruiter will have a competency call with a liaison at you company to better learn what sort of person(s) we need to hire for your outsourced sales campaign. Directly after this – we will turn to our existing network of inside sales professionals and begin actively recruiting your team!

3) Develop a strategy – while the recruiting is going on, our outsourced sales managers will be busy developing a strategy for you. We will map out a timeline that will take us from Day 1 all the way to our first “goal” (which you will help determine). We will determine who to call, when to call, and develop very specific call scripts as well as prepare material on objection-handling and rebuttals to be utilized by you professional outsourced sales team.

4) Hire inside sales team – by now we have hand selected the best of the best for your team. We will then have a “round robin” interview day in which you and your team will interview our top inside sales candidates and determine who is the best fit for you. We will help you every step of the way!

5) On-board sales team – once your professional outsourced sales team is hired, it’s time to get them on-board and trained! We turn to you, our client, and the experts of your product to help us with training. We will turn the sales representatives over to you for as long as necessary (anywhere between 1 day and 5 days, usually) to get them trained up on the product. Then, we put them through an 8 week sales training course which they will take as they are ramping up with you, so that they can use what they are learning ‘real time’ and apply it as they go.

6) Start selling – after a short “ramp up” period, your outsourced sales team will be hitting the phones and selling full time for you. You will get weekly metrics showing our progress, as well as weekly meetings to stay on top of what we are doing.

Do you want to outsource your sales force to us? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

Happy selling!