How Outsourced Sales Can Help A Small Business

Are you a small or start-up business that has a decent bottom line – but you know you could be doing more? Do you have a handful of sales people who are more or less on their own and not pulling in what you think they should? Do you have a somewhat disjointed and ad-hoc sales process that you think could benefit by being more clearly articulated? Are you tired of managing your salespeople instead of focusing on company growth? If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to consider a professional outsourced sales force.

While we do have clients in the Fortune 500 category, many of our partners are just like you. By turning to an outsourced b2b telesales model you might be able to solve many of the headaches of running a small business, while benefitting from an upsurge in sales.

First, by switching to an b2b telesales company – you will be partnering with an expert at inside telesales. If you are like our other partners, you probably lack a clearly defined sales process, sales scripts, and proper objection rebuttals. We will work with you every step of the way to develop these as well as proper marketing materials. You don’t start a business without a business plan – and too many small companies start a sales force without a sales plan. By utilizing a telesales company, you will get this, and it will be yours.

Are your sales representatives in a rut of calling on the same people and same types of businesses day in and day out? Do they object when you suggest them to try other avenues to close business? Deals come in all sorts of packages and by partnering with a professional outsourced sales force, you will get to experiment in these new markets. Outsourced sales forces are experts at lateral thinking when it comes to closing deals and we are oftentimes more aggressive…don’t’ forget, if we are not successful – we’re out of job! A professional outsourced sales force will be motivated to leave no stone unturned.

If you think you fit into the above category, go ahead – give us a call! We charge nothing to meet with you – and you might just learn a few things in the process!

Happy selling!