How Does Outsourced Sales Work?

Outsourcing is nothing new, and the term is clearly understood by anyone who owns a business. Outsourced sales, however, can often lead to some confusion. First and foremost – you can look at it like this: sales force outsourcing is – in a way – renting a sales force. While this might seem odd (many people see their sales force as their company’s life blood) this can be very beneficial to many businesses.

It’s simple, really. You hire an outsourced sales firm (like Acquirent) and it is up to us to put polished, professional sales representatives in front of your target clients. Not all outsourced sales forces are alike – some focus on telemarketing, others on lead generation – but we take over the entire sales process. No need to outsource lead generation – we’ll take care of it. No need to outsource a recruiting firm – we’ve got you covered. No need to hire a consultant – we’ll do that too! We, as the sales experts, will look at your existing sales force, sales processes, sales plans (whatever you have in place, really) and we will look for cracks, flaws, (and most importantly) opportunities and possibilities.

When you are outsourcing your sales force, most likely what you are currently doing is not working – and that will be our first goal: to find the missing piece. We will first look at our past experience to see if we have worked with a similar client, product, or industry. We will apply what we know already and move forward. Our sales representatives will conduct market research, initial cold calls, highly specified lead generation and the like. We are highly trained and experienced in building sales processes from scratch – and we will do the same for you. Our outsourced sales professionals will build scripts, timelines, and a sales process that works for you. Our sales professionals will do market research and hit the phones running.

Just as you would turn to an attorney for legal advice – you should turn to sales outsourcing for sales advice. We are the experts. We live, eat, and breathe sales. It is our core business and our main passion. Our office hums with the buzzing of conversations, the ringing of phones, the excited yells of closed deals.

Outsourced sales might be just the answer you need to take your company to the next level. Give us a call today and find out the many ways we can help you and your sales efforts grow!

Happy selling!