Get More Sales Appointments: Turn To Inside Sales Outsourcing

If you are looking to get more sales appointments – it might be time to turn to an outsourced sales and marketing company, and inquire about inside sales representatives. If sales help is what you are looking for, why not turn to the people who know it best?

Inside sales often gets a bad rap for being somehow “less” than outsides sales, but nothing could be further from the truth. The bottom line is – an excellent inside sales person could be worth 5 “good” outside sales reps. And cost you a mere fraction of the resources. No cars, no blackberry’s…no gas miles and mysterious lunch receipts…

By turning to inside sales with a reputable outsourced sales and marketing company- you will, most certainly, get more “bang for your buck” when it comes to setting appointments. “Feet on the Street” are limited by traffic, geography and weather…whereas inside sales people can set sales appointments anytime, anywhere – all they need is a call list and a phone.

At Acquirent, we have an excellent inside training program that ensures you will get the most from your telesales phone appointments. Where your outside sales representatives might set 1 appointment in a day – we could set 5. The proficiency of the phone combined with a compelling, assertive and persistent sales representative will be the most likely combo to increase sales appointments.

Outsourced sales and marketing companies are becoming more and more relevant and economical in this changing economy and world. If you are looking for sales help and looking to increase your sales appointments – turning to an outsourced sales and marketing company with a focus on inside sales might be just what you need.

Happy Selling!