Five Sales Techniques for Closing When You’re Not Meeting In Person

There are definite advantages to closing sales face-to-face, and it’s what most salespeople are comfortable with. But as we move further into the digital age, the simple reality is that an increasing number of sales are going to be done remotely. To stay ahead you’ll need to adapt, so here are a few tips from us at Acquirent for closing online:

1. Be Enthusiastic

In person, you dress up, bring out your charms, and let your personality shine though to help connect with the client. Online, you run the risk of being just another item in the deleted folder unless you can find a way to let your enthusiasm be seen. You’re passionate—show it!

2. Listen

This sounds obvious, but too many sale reps anticipate their potential clients’ questions without actually hearing what they say. Without the benefit of verbal and physical cues, you’re going to need to be an even better listener than usual. Learn your clients’ unique needs, then show them how your product can help.

3. Be Professional

A sharp outfit, a firm handshake: these are always surefire ways to make a good impression. Unfortunately, they’re also not helpful if you’re closing remotely. Make sure your professionalism shines through in any contact you have, and double-check all correspondence for spelling or grammar mistakes.

4. Follow Up

Though this is true for all sales, it’s much easier for a potential client to miss an email in their inbox than a sales rep standing in their meeting room. If you haven’t heard back after a few days, don’t be shy about sending a follow up email! In fact, you should have a whole strategy centered around following up with prospects.

5. Master the Online Demo

Though there may be a stigma surrounding online demos instead of in-person ones, these can actually be great for your quotas. By saving you—and more importantly, your clients—time, the amount of sales you close could see a big increase. So embrace it new technologies, and remember: practice!

Here at Acquirent, we know the best sales professionals are comfortable closing no matter what the medium. If you’re looking for the best outsourced sales, look no further. Our expert team is ready to help you maximize your sales potential.

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