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Don’t Hire a Sales Team – Lease One!

There is this notion that utilizing a professional outsourced sales company is signing away your sales force for life. That it is some sort of permanent, irreversible move. Nothing could be further from the truth! Hiring a professional outsourced sales team is by no means a permanent fix (though it could be!) – think of it as leasing an office building. If you’re not sure you want to buy or the financial capital is not there, what’s the next best thing? Lease it!

We, at Acquirent, take pride in the fact that we become our clients’ strategic partners – and our strategic partners have helped many, many companies reach their goals without the permanence of hiring and housing a sales team. If you are a company that is either just getting started, bringing a new product to market, or would like to test the waters before you dive in head first – then hiring a professional outsourced sales company might just be for you.

The benefits of “leasing” a sales team and hiring one are many. First of all – many business owners are in the dark about how difficult it is to recruit sales talent. When you “lease” professionals, you can rest assured you’ll be rewarded with the best talent. We have all the recruiting tools and networks readily available and at our fingertips and we’ll use them for you. In addition, leasing an outsourced sales team is often a much cheaper option than doing this in house. We already have the “machine” running and all we need to do is plug you into it. We have the infrastructure, the hardware and the software needed to get an outsourced sales campaign up and running. Not to mention the professional staff in place to keep your outsourced sales team up and running – sales managers are famously hard to find and, lucky for us (and you), managing sales teams just happens to be our core business so it’s what we do best!

And, we have proven strategies in place for consistent lead generation.

If you are considering hiring a professional outsourced sales company, fear not! You are simply leasing a sales team. We enter into six month or year long contracts with our clients so you can enter into an agreement you feel comfortable with. It’s then up to us to make sure you renew!

Happy selling!