Does “Outsourcing” mean Lower Quality?

I read a comment in a sales forum the other day in which the commenter said, “The whole point in sales outsourcing is in cost cutting. Usually that means a lower quality or relocation of the department to a cheaper country.” While this person’s sentiments might be true in some circumstances, not all sales outsourcing solutions are synonymous with cheap and they are certainly not lower in quality. This is the stigma that many outsourced sales companies have had to contend with as the industry grows, develops and gains more momentum in the business world. If you Google a definition for “Outsourced sales” the web doesn’t provide an answer, so let’s try to define it.

The term “outsource” means to “obtain goods or services from an outside supplier” and a “sale” is defined as “the pinnacle activity involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation”. So to merge the terms and definitions together, one could say outsourced sales is the act of “selling products or services by an outside supplier”. It is unfortunate that so many have taken to defining outsourced telesales as a lower quality cost cutting necessity, when so often it is not. We at Acquirent are big proponents of the adage, “you get what you pay for” and companies looking to increase sales will be hard pressed to get the ROI they are looking for if they start slashing their budgets.

By working with a sales outsourcing specialist – you will often get better quality than what you have been dealing with – for sales outsourcing companies have but one singular focus, and that is: to sell. Research has shown that organizations that are best at selling generally don’t do anything except sell. They typically don’t make products – but only focus on selling them. This is the modern day sales outsourcing model. Outsourced sales and marketing companies have only one real goal – and that is to sell your product or service by building a tailored sales outsourcing solution around it.

We do more than simple sales appointment setting, we do more than answering phones or telemarketing – we are a full-cycle sales firm. We will learn about your business in our pre-discovery phase and will hire your salespeople specifically based on your parameters. Your inside sales team will be 100% dedicated to your sales outsourcing campaign and will act as an extension of your company. In addition, our management team – who specializes in sales outsourcing for small businesses – will keep your team motivated, inspired, and producing – every single day. Our sales outsourcing team will take your sale from cold call to close.

This service is not low cost, and it is by no means low quality. We are professional sales people. We are sales outsourcing specialists and we work for YOU.

Happy selling!