Cost Savings Resulting From Outsourced Sales

Companies tend to consider outsourced sales forces when looking to either grow revenue or cut costs associated with a sales force. Here is a look at some areas for potential cost-savings associated with hiring a B2B telesales company:

Reduction in direct expenses: A salesforce outsourcing company almost always leads to a reduction in the direct cost of sales. B2B telesales companies can usually leverage existing relationships, use dedicated sales representatives, leverage systems and infrastructure over multiple clients and employ other strategies that reduce the cost of sales.

Reduction of indirect expenses: Recruiting, training, managing, monitoring all make figuring out the cost of sales force difficult. By working with an outsourced sales force – you can eliminate some, but not all of these costs. An outsourced sales company might reduce the cost of hiring a salesperson, but it might not reduce the cost of an in-house recruiter (which you might need to fill other, non-sales positions). On the other hand – a B2B telesales company most likely will reduce the overhead cost associated with getting an inside sales team up and running.

Lower cost of client acquisition: In many sales force outsourcing cases, an outsourced sales company can leverage existing relationships, broaden market exposure, implement new strategies and ideas, and close more sales as a result of having a “bigger pool” of prospects. Particularly if you are engaging in a B2B telesales campaign after an outside sales campaign, you will see your cost of acquisition lower.

Fixed cost: when looking at B2B telesales companies, look for one that will charge a fixed rate. We charge our clients a flat, monthly rate based on services rendered that allows flexibility in spending and the knowledge that prices will not change from one month to the next. The only variable cost will be the commission paid out to the sales representatives.

Happy selling!