Coming to Terms with Outsourced Sales

To many companies, the idea of outsourcing any core task, especially sales, is a daunting one. The financial and professional benefits of speed to market, lighter initial investment, and industry knowledge are clear – but there is also a perceived loss of control over the traditional in-house sales model. Outsourced sales does not have to be so dubious and once you have chosen an outsourced sales firm that is professional, successful and proven, these fears should subside as the relationship develops.

For a company looking to increase sales – the outsourced model is often the best solution. If that same company were to do an overhaul of their inside sales team, management and processes – they would not only be spending a tremendous amount of resources, time and money – but could potentially lose whatever might have been in the sales pipeline, crippling sales efforts even more. This should be avoided at all costs.

If you are leery about the outsourced sales model, you can rest easy. Sales outsourcing does not necessarily have to mean replacing your in-house sales staff. On the contrary, we have outsourced sales clients that have kept their existing sales force running, while hiring our outsourced sales and marketing services to test either a new product, a new market, or perhaps a new process. There have been times we have ended up replacing the inside sales model, and there have been times we have worked cooperatively with the in-house solution by setting sales appointments or web meetings for outside representatives. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and you wont know until you employ sales outsourcing specialists.

Anytime you outsource sales you should be aware that there will be some sharing of the revenue generation process – but if you have chosen the right sales outsourcing company, the benefits can be huge.

Here are some lessons we have learned as sales outsourcing specialists in running a successful outsourced sales and marketing campaign.

    • The most successful outsourcing sales relationships are typically found when client and outsourcer communicate closely.
    • An outsourcing sales provider offers speed to market in generally half the time than in-house sales campaigns and usually generates revenue faster.
    • The right outsourcing sales provider can generate revenue in ways that can increase customer loyalty and lead to repeat business.

Are you willing to let go of a little control in exchange for improved results. If so – sales outsourcing might just be the best thing you ever did for your business.

Happy selling!