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Benefits of Outsourcing Your B2B Telesales Services

Benefits of Outsourced Telesales

Your company needs more sales – and fast. You have a great product/service, you have the right leadership, but something is just not right. You know you need to hire a telesales team – but you aren’t sure if outsourcing is right for you. Here are a few things to consider.

Recruitment Pains

In all the companies we deal with, this is the #1 reason companies turn to us. The costs and time associated with recruiting are not small, and unless you are an expert, often yield less than ideal results. By partnering with a professional outsourced sales team you ensure that not only are you slashing your recruiting costs – but you are getting experts who’s bread and butter is hiring folks exactly like the ones you are looking for.


While we do ask our partner companies to be involved with product training, we will take on all other aspects of training your b2b telesales force. We have an in-depth 8 week sales training course that is specified for inside phone sales. We know what it takes to be successful over the phone, so we’ll get your outsourced sales representatives up and running in no time.

Holding Accountable

Supervising, motivating and monitoring are critical to the success of a telesales campaign. By working with an outsourced sales force you are getting a professionally managed sales force who is motivated (and monitored) to produce for you. We will provide you with call reports, taped conversations and any other information you would like. Remember, when you are successful, we are successful.

Script writing

This is no easy feat. This requires time and understanding and how to provide answers to questions and objections. We have been writing call scripts since our inception in 2005 and we are experts at creating streamlined and effective presentations using your input and expertise.


Space, phones, systems, lead generation software, and management all cost time and money. We are a well-oiled machine and ready to work for you at a moments notice.

Expenses – payroll taxes, insurance, and equipment are not cheap. By hiring a b2b telesales company, there are no hidden charges. We charge you a flat monthly rate and that is all (besides the commission generated by our sales representatives).


Rehiring, retraining, and redeploying sales representatives is not only demoralizing, but it can put a major stranglehold on a telesales campaign. Not only is our turnover incredibly low, our hiring and management expertise allows us to add experienced personnel to your campaign to eliminate any surprises, and for-see any impending issues.

The arguments for hiring an outsourced sales force are many – and they are strong. As in anything – make sure you do your homework and find the best partner for your business. B2B telesales companies can provide a great asset to a company and business – is it right for yours?

Happy Selling!