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5 Steps to a Successful B2B Outsourcing Telesales Campaign

Outsourcing Telesales

Consider a b2b telemarketing company in United States if most of your business is US-based. While it might be more expensive than outsourcing telesales to a developing country, your outsourced sales business will benefit from working in the same time zone as your clients/customers. Have you ever called United’s customer service? Exactly. Offshore might be cheaper, but rarely does it mean better.

Find A Reputable Company

While b2b telesales and telemarketing are among the least expensive of all call center services – make sure you find a reputable company to partner with. It is imperative that they understand your company, your products/services, and your vision for the future. Outsourced telesales is not an instant fix for poor sales performance, but if you find the right outsourced sales force – your business can benefit ten-fold. Shop and compare among competitive bidders to help ensure that your company will not only be getting the best price, but the best price for services rendered. Keep in mind that this is not always the least expensive. As in everything in life – you get what you pay for.

Request Proposals

Request proposals from prospective outsourced sales or telesales companies. A reputable firm will provide you will a full proposal which should include: target markets and how to attack said markets; a skeleton b2b sales process which should be clearly articulated from start to finish – including call scripts and talk points; a commission structure and how all financials will be handled; a profile of what your potential b2b sales representatives will look like as well as a recruiting strategy; a realistic ramp-up timeline with dates and action items, and finally – goals, objectives and expectations. Any b2b outsourced sales company that doesn’t provide you with all of the above are most likely not a reputable operator and will cause you more pain than gain.

Identify A Quality Control System

Make sure that there is some kind of quality control system in place before you outsource your telesales to an outsourced sales force. Look for b2b telesales companies that offer quality control throughout all aspects of the calling process. In many cases, you should be able to check call reports, call volume and monitor random calls to ensure that your campaign script is delivered in the appropriate manner.

Request Support Materials

Request additional support materials such as campaign reports, past successes and call statistics to confirm the success of your b2b telesales campaign. These services should be included in the cost of your outsourcing contract and should be customized to fit the needs of your company.




If all of the above are covered, you should be ready to begin your outsourced telesales campaign! Remember, outsourcing is a fantastic way to grow revenue – as long as you partner with the right outsourced sales company!

Happy Selling!