B2B Sales vs. B2C Sales

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a young sales person making the switch from retail or consumer sales to B2B sales is how understanding how and why a business buys. Often times, the sales experience and success that a person has will not translate into more sales when they move to B2b sales. As an Outsourced sales provider, one of the key questions or interview steps is evaluating this transition. While it is often the logical next step in a young professional’s career, it is not always the smoothest. Even more so, when a company decides to use an Outsourced sales solution, they expect that the people on that account are experienced in B2b sales and will not need much sales help.

The key distinction between retail or consumer sales and B2b sales or B2b sales outsourcing is that a business makes buying decisions with a process, with multiple stakeholders and with the business in mind and not on emotion. While an emotional connection, rapport and/or relationship is still part of the sale, a sales professional must also be able to find a need, highlight the urgency, develop a position and show some return on the investment. To increase sales, an organization must provide sales help or sales tips to any young professional transitioning into this type of role.

Another benefit of outsourcing sales is that there is typically some sales training where the new sales executives are provided with formal sales help and sales tips in areas like networking, getting past a gate keeper, using social media to develop leads and sources, needs analysis, rapport building and product positioning. All of these things are critical to sales success and increasing sales when using an outsourced sales provider.

When evaluating a sales candidate or outsourced sales provider, it is important to probe deeper on these points and make sure the person or company has the skills to understand a business. How strong is their business acumen and training to help position your product? Will they have the skill to participate and provide feedback to help with product or program development? Will they increase sales for your channel and provide an ROI, just like you expect your product or solution to provide to your customers? In the end, just as your business would evaluate a new product investment; make sure to spend the same level of rigor on choosing your sales professional or sales outsourcing partner.

Happy Selling!!!!