B2B Sales Lead Generation and Picking the Right Sales Force Outsourcing Partner

Many sales organizations have started to look elsewhere when it comes to b2b sales lead generation. They have come to the realization that their internal sales force’s time is best spent in front of potential customers and not dialing for dollars. So many companies have moved to work with sales force outsourcing companies to help augment their b2b sales lead generation.

There are pros and cons to working with a sales force outsourcing company for your b2b sales lead generation.

The pros include:

  • Freeing up your internal sales professionals’ time to allow them to concentrate on closing warm/hot opportunities.
  • Allowing your sales department to keep a consistent pipeline and avoid the ebbs and flows that so many sales organizations suffer from.
  • If working with the right outsourced sales firm, this lead generation/inside sales position could serve as a great training ground for a potential hire for your organization down the road (eliminating the chance of hiring the wrong rep).

The cons of hiring working with the wrong firm for b2b sales lead generation include:

  • Producing unqualified sales leads/appointments, which wastes your internal sales forces time
  • Dropping the ball or not handing off the warm lead properly, which could blow or at least stall a deal
  • Creating a vague sales pipeline, which prohibits an organization’s ability to forecast.

By hiring the right outsourced sales firm, you can benefit from all the pros and avoid all of the cons. Working with an outsourced sales firm for b2b lead generation can be extremely fruitful, but the moral of the story is to do your research before picking a partner.

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