Why Should I Use Cold Calling?

Cold calling is one of the oldest sales techniques in the book. With a long track-record of success, it’s no surprise that cold calling still remains a valid and valuable sales technique today. But with so many companies saying “cold calling is dead,” you may be wondering if it’s the right sales technique for your business.

Here is our list of the top five reasons why cold calling is still an essential element of marketing and lead generation.

What Is Cold Calling?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “cold calling” we’re here to fill you in. Cold calling is a technique where sales reps call customers to provide a sales pitch over the phone. A key distinction that separates cold calling from other sales techniques is that cold calls are unsolicited. This means that customers haven’t expressed previous interest in the product and aren’t expecting the call. For this reason, cold calling may be nerve-wracking to inexperienced sales reps.

One of the biggest hurdles when adopting cold calling as part of your sales strategy is training reps to make efficient, persuasive, and informative cold calls. While picking up the phone and talking about your product might seem easy enough, reps need to approach cold calls with confidence and have a thorough prior knowledge of the product. Because of this, it’s often a smart idea for sales reps to write down key selling points, which helps them stay on topic, cover the essential information, and avoid over-explaining their product.

What are the Benefits of Cold Calling?

Cold calling is an important tool in your sales arsenal, but don’t be discouraged if it takes time for reps to perfect their cold calling techniques. According to Forbes, “like any sales skill, it takes consistent effort to master but can be done.”

Reach New Audiences and Expand Brand Awareness

One of the biggest reasons why companies still use cold calling is to expand the reach of their product to a wider audience. Other forms of marketing may limit audience exposure to prospects who are already visiting your website or engaging with your social media. Cold calling introduces your product to potential clients who have had no prior exposure to your brand.

Develop Your Sales Pitch

Cold calling is the ultimate training course for inexperienced sales reps hoping to perfect their sales skills. For one thing, cold calls require a succinct and persuasive product pitch that captures attention and elaborates the benefits of the product in question.

Since cold calls are personal interactions with customers, it’s an easier way for reps to gain feedback and experience. Allocating cold call responsibilities to reps might feel like throwing them into the deep end, but the experience will help them become well-rounded, versatile, salespeople.

Gain Information about the Prospective Client

Cold calling is sometimes a highly personal method of communication. Due to the one-on-one nature of cold calls, they enable sales reps to understand the wants and needs of prospective clients. This, in turn, allows companies to tailor their marketing strategies to fill gaps in the marketplace, solve problems, or address common pain-points.

Utilize a Simple Marketing Tool

Making a phone call is a very simple action. Cold calls don’t require lots of materials, equipment, or a big budget. Alongside other marketing and brand awareness initiatives, cold calling provides a nuts-and-bolts approach to sales. Part of the appeal of cold calling is its versatility. Cold calls can be made from anywhere, and require minimal tools.

Save Money on Advertising – In addition to being a versatile technique, cold calls help you save money by eliminating other business expenses like travel costs, per diem allowances or conference fees. Instead of reps traveling to meet with prospects, they can use that time and energy making calls.

Since phone calls are a quick and informal way to reach prospective clients, sales reps can make dozens of calls a day instead of only facilitating a handful of in-person meetings. This optimizes your sales reps’ time and promotes wide-reaching brand awareness.

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