Why Sales Staffing is the Hardest Part about Sales

We have said it before, and we will say it again: sales staffing is the number one reason our clients turn to outsourced sales. While we do not bill ourselves as a sales staffing firm, it is a major perk our clients get when utilizing our outsourced sales solution.

Recruiting sales people is not easy. Recruiting great sales people can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Clients who have tried to “go it alone” on the recruiting end usually return to us with their tails between their legs; “It is so much more time consuming and difficult than we thought!” they lament. Trust us, we know! After over six years in the sales staffing arena – we know exactly how difficult it can be. But, luckily for us, we have what has become a well oiled sales staffing machine that excels at finding, and hiring exceptional sales talent.

But why? Why is sales staffing the hardest part of sales?

Because once you find the right sales talent – the rest, as they say, is easy. Finding true sales talent is difficult because a) the best are often not in most of the places people look (like job sites and message boards) and b) competition is fierce! The art of sales staffing is not unlike making a sale! You must seek out and find the best candidate AND you must sell them your job. Simply putting a job description out there on the web isn’t going to cut it these days. You need to hunt for the right people and you need to make them want you right back. This is no easy feat.

Being an outsourced sales business means that “sales” IS our business so we have always treated sales staffing as the most important step. The best sales representatives (even if they are raw talent) can sell just about anything given the right training, so in our minds, it’s IMPERATIVE that we get step ONE correct. If not, it’s a domino effect of mediocrity down the line.

Has sales staffing got you in a pickle? Are you sick of hiring average to okay sales people? Kick it up a notch and give us a call today! Learn how our outsourced sales business will not only improve your business, but get you the very BEST people for the job!

Happy Selling!