The Role of Mentors in Sales

A mentor is someone who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive habits. In a sales person’s career, a mentor is a person to go to for career advice as most traditional mentor relationships work.

The mentor can be a unique advocate and advantage to a top sales professional. He can provide specific advice on a sale or prospect to help you stay motivated and driven. She can be someone to consult on goal setting and ways to achieve those goals.

Finally, a mentor should serve as a sounding board for your questions and ideas.


At Aquirent, you are assigned a mentor who can help you navigate the company and learn the ropes of the organization. Any queries or comments, an employee can go to their mentor. If you work for an organization with a developed mentorship program like this then you are already a step ahead of your peers.

Even if you don’t have this opportunity, do not let it stop there, find your own mentor.


I have always had mentors in my career that have guided the decisions I make. They can take on various outside roles. Here are a few examples that I think can be helpful in identifying mentors for you in your career:

  • Senior or elder mentor – For me, this is my father who has been in sales all his life. My father has been self-employed and worked 100% commission essentially all of his life. He holds a unique perspective on keeping an even keel, positive attitude and maintaining what he always says is a key to being a great salesperson – Integrity
  • Peer Mentor – A peer mentor is characterized as a great listener. My peer mentors have empathized in real terms the challenges I’ve faced, obstacles for growth and day to day struggles. This can be not only important in the venting in your career’s stresses but a peer mentor might be able to offer some solutions to problems.
  • Personal mentor/partner – I have also found that while getting career specific advice and guidance is helpful, sometimes you need that rock or partner who can help you navigate that work life balance and setting/obtaining goals. For some this is a spouse, sibling or another other trusted resource.


No matter where you find your mentor or who you turn to, they can often be a key driver in motivating and helping you achieve success in your career. Whether it is a company sponsored program or your own initiative to seek out the guidance of others, a mentor can accelerate growth and support advancement in a sales professional’s career.

And if one day, you are approached by a young sales professional for advice, take that as the highest compliment and recognition of your leadership. Its a truly a gift. Now you have the chance to pay back the next generation in making them even better than we are!