Sales Staffing in 2009

As a business owner you envisioned your product glistening on store shelves and people using it happily in their homes or offices. You worked hard to develop that product or service and you painstakingly hovered over every aspect of production and packaging to ensure that everything turned out right. You thought that producing an incredible product or developing an essential service would be the key to your business’s success. But then you opened your business and found out that you were wrong.

Most business owners do not factor in the importance of sales staffing when they originally opened their business. Sales staffing usually becomes and afterthought once the business owner realizes that he or she needs someone to sell their product. And most of these business owners naively assume that since their product or service is so great that they will not need to put that much effort into selling it. That is a huge mistake. Your sales staff can make or break your business and you must pay just as much attention to sales staffing as you do to product development if you want your business to be successful.

Many people are currently without jobs and looking for any type of job that they can possibly find which means that you will have to be even more careful when it comes to staffing your sales department. You want to find a sales team that has a demonstrated track record of success. The high number of people that are unemployed means that you should be able to find a number of sales professionals that are applying for a spot on your sales team, but you will have to go through each application with a fine tooth comb and make sure that your interviews are thorough enough so that you can be certain that you are hiring someone that will be an incredible asset to your business.

Also, make sure that you conduct thorough background checks and that you verify all claims made on a resume. Even though you may have not foreseen the challenges that lie in sales staffing, it does not mean that you can neglect these responsibilities. If you take your time and put in all of the effort that is required, you will find an excellent sales staff that will have as much enthusiasm for your products or services as you do and will have no problem selling them.

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