Targeting Strategies in Sales Lead Generation Outsourcing

Are you struggling to connect with your target audience? Does your business need new leads?  Sales lead generation outsourcing for your company offers resources, marketing strategies, and the newest sales enablement technology to help your business grow.

When you work with an outsourced lead generation company, you target specific customers with marketing techniques. Instead of utilizing a “one size fits all” approach, targeted lead generation is all about presenting custom content to each buyer. Personalized marketing enables customers to connect with your product, and see the unique value you bring to the table.

What is Targeted Lead Generation?

The aim of targeted lead generation is to gain more qualified leads in your sales process and boost overall customer engagement. Targeted lead generation entails dividing your prospect pool into several distinct categories and creating marketing content for each group. Targeting specific customer groups based on interests, demographics, and geography helps you provide prospects with pertinent information, opportunities, and relevant content.

Plus, targeted lead generation allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Nowadays, value-based marketing is one of the most effective sales strategies, and customers are interested in companies who pay attention to their unique needs.

Defining Customer Groups

Every business has a unique set of categories that comprise their customer base. While there’s no formulaic approach to defining target groups, here are a few of the most common categories.

Demographics – Pay attention to who is engaging with your product. Are you a market that appeals to young people or elderly people? Are you popular with families or single folks? Notice which groups engage with your product and finesse your marketing strategies to appeal to each group’s preferences.

Buyer Behavior – You don’t need to create a personality profile for every customer who walks through the door. Monitoring buyer behavior means that you’re tapped into how your customers interact with your product. Do they use social media? Do they visit your website? Are they subscribed to your email newsletter? Observing these trends increases your understanding of how customers engage with your product.

Geography – If you’re part of a larger company that works with several regions, consider dividing customers according to their geography. This is a quick and simple way to keep an eye on trends and position your product to fill gaps in the marketplace. For example, buyers in New York may be looking for something different from buyers in L.A. This insight would enable you to tailor your marketing strategies to each location and gain more qualified leads.

Sales Lead Generation Outsourcing Strategies for Targeting Leads

Working with an outsourced company gives you the freedom to experiment with a variety of marketing techniques. With the help of expert sales development reps, your in-house team won’t need to shoulder the burden of generating new leads in addition to closing deals and nurturing existing customers.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign – Target specific prospects by launching an email marketing initiative. Some customers are more likely to engage with content that’s delivered directly to their inbox, so this is a great way to reach new audiences. Your outsourced team can help you manage emails, create new content, and monitor which emails gain the most engagement.

Start a Blog – Take your online presence one step further with an informative blog. Posting frequent blog articles keeps customers engaged, answers questions, and generates new traffic to your website.

Update your Website – Keep your internet presence fresh, approachable, and informative. With such an enormous variety of websites to choose from, it’s imperative that customers have a pleasant and intuitive experience navigating your site. Your website also provides customers with the opportunity to engage with other marketing initiatives like signing up for your newsletter or reading a blog post.

Use Referrals – One of the best ways to generate qualified leads is through an existing client network. An outsourced lead generation company takes this one step further by tapping into their networking resources and unearthing qualified leads you never would have been exposed to otherwise. Professional SDRs use their connections in the professional world to provide your business with a wealth of new opportunities.

Sales Lead Generation Outsourcing with Acquirent

At Acquirent, our years of experience have taught us that teamwork is a key ingredient to success. Our team is dedicated to providing your business with high-quality leads and marketing strategies geared towards promoting your unique brand. With access to the newest sales enablement technology, lead generation strategies, professional SDRs, and so much more, Acquirent will transform the way you approach lead generation. It’s time to let go of lead generation stress. Call Acquirent today and let us help you succeed.