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Unfortunately, I am not incredibly technologically savvy so I knew that I would need sales help when I went out to buy a computer. We did not have computers when I was in school and I was very unfamiliar with all of the different types of options that were available. My children were lucky enough to grow up during a time where technology was constantly being improved upon. They had MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops and every other gadget that was available. I wasn’t all that interested in any of these gadgets until I saw my daughter editing and printing photos from her camera on her computer. She was printing them onto iron-on paper and making a t-shirt from a photo of her daughter that she had taken an hour ago. I was pretty impressed.

I knew how to use a computer, I was on one all day at work. I used the computer to type documents and maintain files for my boss and to correspond through email. I had never bought a home computer for myself before; I was unaware of all the functions that I could perform on it. My kids had bought me a digital camera for Christmas and I always took it to a store to have the pictures printed out. I had no idea that I could do this from my own home. And I didn’t know that I was able to crop, rotate or edit these pictures.

I decided to visit a local electronics retailer and buy a computer. I needed a lot of sales help from some computer experts that could point me to the computer that would be perfect for me. The customer service representative was very patient and knowledgeable about the different computers. He showed me which one would be best to use for uploading and editing pictures and which printer could perform all of the functions that I wanted.

The sales help that I received made buying a computer easier than I thought that it would be. I had no idea that there were so many things that I could do on a computer. I could make my own greeting cards and even use my personal photos on them!

The electronics store even offered the service of having one of their skilled technicians come to my house and install the computer and show me its functions. I was very excited.

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