Why Sales Automation is Critical for WFH Sales

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Since the spring of 2020, many companies have transitioned to a fully remote or hybrid business model, and employees have adapted to the realities of working from home. While WFH life has a lot of perks, there’s no doubt that this transition has also come with its own set of challenges. Sales automation has become critical for WFH sales

In order to lessen the burden on employees already struggling to adapt to their “new normal,” companies are using automation to update their sales processes. From increased productivity, to organization, to employee satisfaction, automation opens new possibilities for your business to grow. Whether you’re back in-person at the office or managing a remote work force, sales automation will streamline your workflow.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation uses technology to simplify tasks throughout the sales cycle. Automation may include AI programs, sales software, and outsourced services to help your business adopt the latest and most efficient practices.

In the long run, sales automation allows reps to spend more time selling and less time dealing with busy day-to-day tasks. Automation simplifies your reps’ list of responsibilities, enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance, while still achieving competitive sales numbers.

How to Get Started Implementing Sales Automation in WFH Environments

Since there are so many options available in the realm of sales technology, it’s crucial to come up with a game-plan before you get the ball rolling.

Identify Tasks That Need to Be Streamlined

Pay attention to the areas where reps are spending too much time and energy. Certain tasks, like sending follow-up emails and creating sales reports, are time-consuming and can easily be delegated to an automated service.

Define Your Sales Process

Another key element to integrating automation is to clearly define your sales process. This means refining your sales funnel and sales pipeline and understanding the disparate steps that need to be completed in order to make a sale. Your sales process is a list of tasks for your reps to complete while interacting with a client. Identify labor-intensive steps in the sales process to target areas that need improvement.

Talk To Your Reps

Chances are, your reps know better than anyone the areas of sales where they spend the most time. Send out a survey to gain an idea of how reps feel they would benefit from automation, and where they would like to see new technology implemented.

How Sales Automation Benefits WFH Sales

Now that we’ve discussed how to get started implementing sales automation, let’s look at the benefits that sales automation has to offer.

Time Management

Time is a precious resource, and you want to make sure your reps are making the best use of their time. Sales automation decreases the amount of time spent completing mindless tasks, so reps won’t need to waste hours doing administrative work.

Email campaigns are notoriously time-consuming to manage, but with the help of sales technology, your reps won’t spend hours writing emails to prospects. Contrary to popular belief, using automation to manage email campaigns doesn’t mean you have to send out formulaic emails. While maintaining a personal tone, sales automation technology helps you schedule pre-written email blasts, target new leads, and craft personal emails without the hassle of writing each one individually.

Organization and Attention to Detail

Automation is a fantastic way to streamline the organizational elements of your sales cycle. Particularly during remote work, it’s challenging to keep track of meetings, calls, and to-do lists all while working from your home office. Without the structure of an office environment, essential follow-ups sometimes slip through the cracks.

Automated sales technology provides useful tools to help manage your reps’ busy schedules, and increase their productivity. Programs like calendar management software, online chat platforms, and video call platforms all enable remote work, and provide tools to help your reps stay on top of their schedules.

Focus and Productivity

Finally, automated sales technology helps reps stay on-task and focus on important work. With so many distractions present in a home-office environment, it’s clear why productivity can wane, especially when you’re working from your couch. Automated sales technologies like sales report services and lead nurturing platforms, help reps say on top of tasks and allow them to delegate some to-dos to a virtual assistant.

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