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5 Reasons why Outsourcing Your Sales Department Can Boost Your Company’s Growth

Starting a new sales-based company can be a daunting task. Even if your product is unique and innovative, you still have to convince your target audience, and you’ll need an experienced, motivated sales team to do it. Below are five reasons why outsourcing your sales development representatives (SDRs) can facilitate your company’s growth quickly and painlessly. 

#1 – It’s Faster than Hiring Your Own Sales Team

There’s quite a bit that goes into staffing your company with qualified and motivated SDRs. First, you have to advertise your openings in numerous places, and then you have to interview each candidate who appears to qualify for the position. This means setting aside time to meet with potential SDRs, contacting their references, and performing background checks – things that cost quite a bit of time and money. When you outsource, all the recruiting has been done for you and the team is ready to go to work. 

#2 – The SDRs are Pre-Screened

Sometimes, even though the SDR you hired looked perfect on paper, his or her performance simply isn’t up to par. Perhaps he or she misses too many days of work and causes your sales to suffer, or perhaps he or she just doesn’t seem to engage with your sales team in a way that is conducive to growth. Outsourcing your SDRs ensures that the people working for you have already proven themselves competent, dedicated, and good at their jobs. 

#3 – Outsourced SDRs are More Flexible

Outsourced teams already understand the ins and outs of sales, and there’s an incredibly good chance that they also understand your specific industry and niche, too. Because of this, they can remain flexible throughout even the biggest changes, and they can adapt without major time delays. An in-house SDR may struggle due to lack of experience with sales or even a lack of experience in your company’s specific industry. 

#4 – Quality Research Leads to More Sales

On average, a sales development representative spends about three hours each day simply researching. If you’re relying on your sales team to do the prospecting, or even worse, if you don’t have anyone doing the research at all, then your sales and growth will undoubtedly suffer. Outsourcing SDRs allows your sales team to work harder on closing deals while removing the burden of prospecting for leads. 

#5 – It Offers Flexibility 

Creating your own in-house SDR team can be difficult. For example, what if you hire only one SDR when you really could have used two or three? What happens if you hire three SDRs and only really need one? These things can be difficult and expensive to rectify with an in-house team, but outsourcing alleviates these concerns. If you need more or less assistance, all it takes is a phone call. 

If the thought of outsourcing your SDRs gives you anxiety, you are certainly not alone. However, it’s important to consider that outsourced SDRs are often more affordable, more flexible, and more experienced than any team you could hire yourself. In other words, outsourcing gives you access to talent that can facilitate growth while saving you precious time and money over hiring an in-house team.