Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ve discussed how great an impact social media can have on your sales potential on our blog several times before. Social media represents a huge market ready for you to tap into, and we hope that if you read the Acquirent blog you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to make social media work for you. Of course, most of our advice takes for granted the fact that you’ve successfully built up your profile, be it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Well today, we’re going to go back to basics and offer some advice on making your LinkedIn profile the best it can be. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn, or just think it’s time for you to review your profile, this is for you.

Edit Your URL

Your default LinkedIn url will be a jumble of letters and numbers—but LinkedIn allows you to customize it. Changing it to your name will make it not only more professional, but easier to share as well. Directly below your profile photo is the LinkedIn url with an edit button on the right, click the edit button and fill in your name.

Include Samples of Your Work

Sure, someone can take a look at your profile and see where you’ve worked, how much experience you have, and so on. But LinkedIn also allows you to upload media to your profile, so you can show off a video, presentation, or any other appropriate representation of your work. It’s letting you put your money where your mouth is, so to speak—don’t just tell people viewing your profile you’re experienced, show them.

If you don’t have samples of your work from your career, don’t hesitate to share work as a volunteer.

Integrate Your Profile Across Platforms

Did you know that you can connect your Twitter profile with your LinkedIn, such that any update you post will automatically be tweeted as well? This allows your to expand your reach and attract new connections across platforms. Again, visit your settings and choose Profile, then go to Settings.

Spend Time on Your Summary

This should be obvious, right? Your summary is your time to shine—you’ve got 2,000 words to put your best foot forward and leave the first impression you want people to take away from your profile. So spend some time on it! Consider carefully what your want to share, and have a colleague look over it before posting.

We’ve made the case numerous times that you and your business need to be on LinkedIn. In a previous blog post Ryan Winthrop, Recruiting Coordinator at Acquirent, wrote about the merits of being in LinkedIn in the first place, click here to read the full post. But once you’ve got your LinkedIn profile up it’s not enough to throw just anything on your profile – do a good job, it’s your career billboard. By following the tips above, you’ll set yourself apart!

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