Not a Salesman? Try Sales Outsourcing

I was a professional landscaper. My workers and I could create beautiful gardens and walkways with winding paths and fountains. We could construct maintenance free gazebos, screened-in porches and pool houses. We knew every plant that was indigenous to our area and every plant that could survive through our winters. We were expert landscapers that had completed million dollar contracts.

But I was not a salesman. I had always dreaded having to think of ways to advertise and increase our sales. I like dealing with customers, and I really shined while we were discussing the customer’s vision for their property. When I saw that there were sales outsourcing companies available, I jumped at the opportunity. I hired them to drum up some more local business for my company.

I was impressed by the sales outsourcing company right away. They comprised a professional book of my most elaborate projects and sent it off to a printing company. They sent these books out to anyone in the area that recently purchased a home that cost more than half a million dollars. Then they made up pamphlets showcasing some of the smaller jobs that I did around the neighborhood and they sent them out to any new home buyer advertising that there was no landscaping job that was too big or too small for my company.

Before the first sign of spring I had several large scale jobs lined up along with a dozen or so smaller ones. I had to hire some more help to keep up with all of the landscaping projects that we had agreed to. The sales outsourcing team had acquired many new customers for my landscaping company. On the north side of the city we were to install a gorgeous kidney-shaped in ground pool and a rose garden complete with trellises and a fountain in the center. This job would take a couple of weeks to complete, especially since we had to schedule the concrete pourers to come out.

On the south side of the city we had several new construction homes that were recently built that needed sod installed and some other landscaping. We spent a month working in the same neighborhood performing a number of different landscaping jobs. I was thrilled with the results of the sales outsourcing company. They provided me with more sales leads than I could have ever come up with on my own.

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