Keys of a Successful Recruiter

Throughout my experience in the HR/Recruiting field and graduate studies, I have learned many methodologies with regards to recruiting successful individuals for employees. Yet, given the nature of business and human behavior, no recruiter can honestly say that everyone they have brought in, and eventually hired, have all been all-stars. It’s inevitable that a candidate who presents as a great potential employee during the recruiting process, however turns out to be less than stellar. The key is to limit these occurrences through a structured and well thought-out plan of attack during the recruiting process.

While there is no right or wrong way to recruit a candidate, some methods have proven more successful than others. The following are my keys to a successful recruiting process from both the recruiter and candidate side.


There are a few key pieces of information that a recruiter must carry with them before starting the interview process:

  • Complete knowledge of position and account details. Be prepared with information on all aspects of the position. Know the candidate requirements, compensation structure and benefits offered. Brush up on applicant’s background as well.
  • First phone screen is crucial. This is your opportunity to be the first human impression the candidate has about the company so be excited and enthusiastic.
  • Keep to structured interview questions. These kinds of interview questions prevent illegal employment questioning. Be sure to ask interview questions that are informational in nature.
  • Determine candidate availability. Many resumes may be older than you may think where the candidate has already gained new employment.


Both sides are in a learning stage at this point. You are learning the mannerisms and employment interests of the candidate. The candidate is learning about the company and opportunities.

  • Be honest about the next step in the recruiting process
  • If the candidate is not selected, inform candidate that you will keep them on file and if a position fits what you and the candidate are looking for, they will be contacted again.
  • If the candidate is selected to move forward, schedule them for a second phone screen with another recruiter. Two phone screens are extremely beneficial because another recruiter may pick up on a red flag that was missed during the initial phone screen. There is truth to the old saying “Two heads are better than one”.
  • For the face to face interview, have structured open ended, behavioral and job specific questions ready.
  • Collaborate with others who interviewed the candidate (i.e. Managers, Executives, Client) and decide how to proceed.
  • Make a decision and extend the offer over the phone or in person. A personal connection is a personal touch to boost their confidence in the company.

Everyone has their own style and niche, the key is structure and consistency. Know what you have to offer and how this professional relationship will be mutually beneficial. Ultimately, enjoy the process because every experience is a learning one!