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Does Gen Z Hate Sales Jobs?

Look out Millennials, here comes Generation Z! Gen Z comprises the newest batch of laborers entering the sales workforce and it’s time to get acquainted. Known for their independence, technological know-how, and inclusive mindset, Gen Zers bring a unique combination of skills to the office.

Although Gen Zers are eager to learn, flexible, and agile minded, many businesses struggle to recruit Gen Z workers, particularly in sales positions. If you’re hoping to expand your employee pool and hire some new talent, then you need to know the ins and outs of working with the newest generation.

Successfully hiring Gen Z employees starts with understanding their needs. Once you understand what Gen Z is looking for in their career, you can adapt your recruitment strategy to appeal to today’s young professionals.

Who is Generation Z? What is Gen Z’s relationship to Sales?

In general, Gen Z includes the group born between 1996 and 2012. Gen Z is known as the first post-9/11 generation, and is defined by their technological fluency and dependence. Unlike Millennials (who remember a time before everyone had a cell-phone) Gen Zers grew up with technology at their fingertips. From texting, to social media, to YouTube, Gen Z relies on technology to help them connect, learn, and express themselves.

Because they grew up in an era where so much information was available online, Gen Zers also tend to be extremely independent. They know how to take care of themselves and are self-assured when it comes to searching for answers on the internet.

What Does Gen Z Value In a Sales Workplace?

If you’re struggling to hire Gen Z employees, then it may seem like they hate working in sales. But this isn’t the case. Remember, just like previous generations, Gen Zers have their own set of needs, priorities, and preferences that contribute to their success.

Although many of Gen Z’s workplace values align with their character traits, some of their preferences may come as a surprise. For example, despite their penchant for the latest tech, Gen Zers prefer face-to-face interactions over digital correspondence. Understanding how they work and what motivates their work will help you crack the code and mesh with Gen Z employees.

Financial Security

Financial security is one of Gen Z’s top priorities when searching for a job. As children of the recession in 2008, they have a more practical approach to finances and value jobs that offer competitive pay, debt relief programs, and insurance options. An article on Yello found that “when asked to rank their top three priorities for accepting a job, salary, work/life balance and job duties and projects were at the top of Gen Z’s list.”


Growing up in the internet era, Gen Zers value their sense of autonomy. They want to feel like they have the ability to customize their jobs, and prefer not to be hemmed in by strict rules or guidelines.

Gen Z wants to feel supported within their roles, but still needs space to explore and innovate. If you’re managing Gen Z workers, schedule regular check ins, but try not to micromanage their work. They are looking for meaningful interactions and prefer face-to-face meetings that lead to productive feedback.


Finally, Gen Zers want to have the flexibility to create a personalized work experience. Instead of feeling hemmed in by traditional work hours and formats, Gen Zers are comfortable using the convenience of technology to get the job done regardless of location or timing. An ASI article found that Gen Zers are “doing less cold-calling from their desk between 9 and 5 and then leaving it all behind at the end of the day.” While they value work / life boundaries, they are more comfortable interacting with clients in a casual way, and can easily adapt to a work-from-home model.

Recruiting Gen Z for Sales

Implementing a recruiting model that appeals to Gen Z might require you to update a few outdated practices. To start, focus recruitment efforts on college campuses and job fairs. Since many Gen Z workers are just now finishing college, you’ll find eager and talented individuals looking for their first “adult” job.

Additionally, make sure your website is informative, easy to navigate, and has clear job postings. Since Gen Zers will likely be looking for jobs online, it’s important to have a polished web presence. You also might want to consider updating social media profiles and creating a more dynamic and engaging social media presence.

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