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Developing Great Training Content

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a webinar with Ethan Linkner (Cofounder of the amazing corporate training platform LearnCore) which focused on how to build great training content.  Over the last 12 years Acquirent has created and is still perfecting our Sales Fundamental Series which all new Acquirent teammates get put through.  During the webinar we spoke to a select group of LearnCore clients and discussed what Acquirent has learned when it comes to content and course creation best practices.  The following is a list of topics we covered:

  1. Common Training Myths and Misconceptions
  2. Understanding the Psychology of a Learner
  3. Discussing the Three Phases of Creating Great Content
  4. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Courses

It is my opinion that learning should never stop.  In addition, teachers must answer the age old question “What’s in it for me?” if they want their content to resonate with their students.

LearnCore Spotlight – Episode 9 – Anatomy of Great Content from LearnCore on Vimeo.

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