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3 Career Assistance Sites to Follow and 2 Up-And-Coming

Whether on the job search or happily employed, individuals need to remain aware of changes in the job market and also identify areas where they should develop professionally. Everyone has their own personal ambitions and professional goals but the key to growth is constant learning.  In today’s ever-changing professional environment, people who are not developing new skills and learning new trends are at risk of being lapped by competition. To steal a quote from Acquirent’s Executive VP, Geoff Winthrop, which he “borrowed” from NFL championship winning Quarterback, Drew Brees, “You are either getting better or getting worse, but you are never staying the same”.   With that said, here are three career assistance sites that should be following and two up-and-comers.

Top 3 to follow:

  1. LinkedIn – The premier professional networking and content site on the internet today. Having been recently purchased by Microsoft, their impact will only continue to expand. Known mainly as a networking site, LinkedIn continues to grow its’ career content through partnered companies
  2. Glassdoor – The name synonymous with anonymous. I can’t tell you how often I speak with or interview a candidate that reference researching us on Glassdoor.  Company culture and brand are such strong attractors of talent for organizations but also a key factor in said talent looking for companies to join.  Along with brand, Glassdoor also provides individuals with an insight into the interview process and also position compensation.
  3. Payscale – While culture and environment are important when looking at a company and its positions. Compensation obviously plays a factor.  While great for job seekers, is also important for incumbent employees so they know what they are worth based on experience, industry, position, education level, etc.  This site is solely dedicated to compensation so when that next position or promotion comes, you will be armed with market data to negotiate.

2 Up-And-Comers:

  1. The Muse – This is by far my new favorite. This fast growing career content site is solely dedicated to arming individuals with career advice and tips.  They even offer dedicated career coaching.  But that not all!  You can even look for positions with their partnered companies that include Facebook, Dropbox, HBO, and also lesser known gems. Being found in 2011, they have already passed multiple rounds of VC funding as well as gained a following from over 50Mil unique visitors to their site.  The sky’s the limit with this one.
  2. Medium – Formed by a Co-Founder of Twitter and launched in 2012, is an online publishing platform with articles in a wide array of areas of interest, which are specific to your searches and tags; plus, they are longer than 140 characters.

This in no way an exhaustive list of sites one can go to for career content.  From or to the local ones like Built In Chicago, there are various ones out there to learn and continue to grow.  It just comes down to, which is the right one for you?



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