Blog Round Up: June Edition

“Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “Gen Next,” “MyPod Generation.” We’ve heard all the names. But what are the Millennials themselves thinking about their place in the workforce? During the month of June, we came across a number of blog posts and articles about Millennials, by Millennials. The following excerpts are slices of some of our favorite “Millennials in the workplace” articles.

Jullien Gordon (@PurposeFinder), “3 Benefits Your Gen Y Employees Want Besides Money“

Jullien suggests that Millennials are interested in far more than just money in the workplace. In contrast to the traditional job-related benefits, Julien says generation Y is more interested in the value that they can bring to the table.

1. The Freedom to Create VALUE
We want to use our passions to solve meaningful problems that have a positive impact on the company. Paper pushing, meetings, and spreadsheets don’t do it. While those things are necessary for business communication, we want to deliver real results, not documents.

2. The Feeling of Being VALUED
Recognize us. Money is nice, but it’s not enough. Money isn’t the only currency we value. We need words of affirmation, trust, responsibility, support, learning opportunities, mentorship, sponsorship, new challenges, choice, and community.

3. The Fulfillment of Doing Work That Aligns with Our VALUES
Help us understand who and what we’re fighting for and why it’s important to the world. Give us something to believe in. Why is our company here? What’s the company’s vision for the world? How does our company change the world to realize that vision? What would happen if our company didn’t exist? Would the world notice?

Cliff Kuang (@CliffKuang), “The Blessing And Curse Of Being A Millennial“

Studies have outlined that being successful in the workplace in this day and age can be a daunting task for Millennials. In Cliff’s post, he explains how Millennials are rising to this challenge in creative ways. Sociologists have shown that being born in a recession dampens your earnings throughout your lifetime, simply because the first jobs you get are the ones that define much of your success in later life. … But it might also be that a lack of prospects makes this generation the most entrepreneurial we’ve ever seen—after all, innovation is usually born during times of hardship.

Matt Miller (@Official_MattM), “Why You Should be Hiring Millennials“

Matt argues that Millennials in the workplace want to learn from and grow with their employers. Check out his full post for an impressive Infographic about maximizing Millennials: the who, how and why of managing Generation Y.

  • 52% said opportunities for career progression made an employer attractive
  • 65% said the opportunity for personal development was the most influential factor in their current job
  • 22% saw training and development as the most valued benefit from an employer