Better Professional Performance with Telesales Outsourcing

Let’s face it. What are the chances that you can hire someone off the street for cold calling services that has the sales experience that a professional team has?

Most people filling in-house cold calling jobs are only doing the job for the time being. This isn’t their careers; it’s a way to get through school, somewhere along the lines of waiting tables or bartending, an easy job to get to pay the bills while they’re pursing their degree.

Are you going to trust the power of your selling force to someone just trying to squeak through school? That’s like handing the intern the keys to the executive office and telling him to take it from there.

What you need from your telesales personnel is sales savvy, business experience, and a professional approach. There really is an art to telesales, one honed through experience. You can only get that level of performance from a professional team. That’s why more small businesses are choosing telesales outsourcing. They enjoy the talent and capabilities of a far more professional and experienced selling team than they’d ever have been able to hire on their own.

Hire in-house, and you’ll suffer recruitment pains, high costs in advertising, and an expensive interviewing and hiring process. You’ll have to spend more on training, especially because turnover is traditionally high. Training investment tends to evaporate as your in-house sales team is continually in and out the door, flying on the whims of the economy.

With telesales outsourcing, you face no hiring costs, and you don’t pointlessly waist time on a lengthy hiring process. The team is already trained, so forget about training costs. Since results are quantified and tracked and the team’s payment is often contingent upon successful sales drives, you can easily measure success and see if the team is up to your expectations. If the outsourced telesales force isn’t paying for itself through increased profits in just a few short months, they aren’t earning their keep. Sales outsourcing should sustain itself if it’s effective, maximizing your profits through growing and expanded markets.

You just can’t get that level of professionalism using your own team. It doesn’t make sense in this global age not to tap the resources of the most powerful selling professionals. It saves you time and money while increasing your sales potential in the same breath.

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